Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cop Style Fashion Show

My girlfriend Alina was asked to do the hair for a fashion show at a new shop on Granville called Cop Style.
TJ and I decided to go along for the free candy and awkward coversation. Bon voici les photos.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sorcerers escape from East Van

For the first time in Sorcerers history they traded in their plaid shirts for wet suits and headed to Tofino BC to play a show at the Maquinna Pub or as it used to be known by the locals "The Dirty Mac", yeah it's that rad. The following images are of the skate, skim, surf and rocking and rolling that ensued. Special thanks to the show organizer and mega rad host of the crew Shawn Lennon and his girlfriend Nathalie Maiello. Tofino is beautiful and I hope to go there again real soon, you should go there too.

 Horseshoe Bay

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Randy Van Eyk and Tuesday Sunrise

Took a walk down to Kits beach last night to check out the several boats that had beached
during the last big storm. As I was shooting photos of the boat Tuesday Sunrise my girlfriend
and I got into talking to one of the boat owners Randy Van Eyk, that happened to be there digging and waiting for high tide to get his vessel back out to sea. Randy told us about the struggle people like
himself have in trying to live aboard their boats, preferring a life at sea these "liveaboards" as they are
called by police are people that have chosen a different lifestyle than the rest of us, and unfortunately
they are punished for it. We heard many stories of sailors being kicked from one port to another and the hardship of families that are trying to legitimately live this life on the sea. 

It's not uncommon for accidents, and even death for the people that live on their boats, as was the case last year when a man who was kicked out of harbour died in a storm as he floated out in open waters off of Gibsons landing. We asked if Randy would let us take his picture and in exchange he asked that I give some background on his own history as a boater which began in 1982 when he left land to live permanently aboard Tuesday Sunrise. 

The strangest thing to me is that we have people living aboard their vessels and the laws we've created and the actions we take against them have made them homeless by beaching them on land. 
This situation serves as proof that no matter what you can't hide from homelessness, not even inside your own home. 

Randy Van Eyk on Tuesday Sunrise at Kits beach

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lullabye Arkestra and Pierced Arrows at The Biltmore

Went out with Reid last night to check out a couple bands at The Biltmore, the openers were Lullabye Arkestra out of Toronto, never heard this two piece dynamite duo before but they definitely blew everyone's mind that was in attendance, as a drummer myself I love to see a guy breaking cymbal stand and smashing sticks, really putting his everything into it. On base Kat can melt the hardest of metal hearts, her tone and playing speaks for itself, I'm sure the Gods of Metal are smiling down on this duo.

The closers of the evening were a band by the name of Pierced Arrows, honestly upon hearing about this band I went to have a listen on their site and was not impressed in the least, run of the mill crusty rockers was the feeling I was left with after listening, but after meeting these legends in their own right and hearing how hard they still shred changed my mind in an instant.  Even though this was the final show of a 39 day tour they still played a full set and managed a jam with Lullabye Arkestra and a 2 song encore to screaming fans, unbelievable.  These guys will always have a special place in my musical heart after this evening.

Interview with Lullabye Arkestra on Vice Magazine website with some of my photos

Lullabye Arkestra