Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sorcerers escape from East Van

For the first time in Sorcerers history they traded in their plaid shirts for wet suits and headed to Tofino BC to play a show at the Maquinna Pub or as it used to be known by the locals "The Dirty Mac", yeah it's that rad. The following images are of the skate, skim, surf and rocking and rolling that ensued. Special thanks to the show organizer and mega rad host of the crew Shawn Lennon and his girlfriend Nathalie Maiello. Tofino is beautiful and I hope to go there again real soon, you should go there too.

 Horseshoe Bay

 Shawn catching a wave and Norm rolling the lip
 PD and Johnny on the skim again
 Shawn speeding into another little roller
PD puts it down

 Johnny weak knees a wave tickler

 Outta East Van

 Shane and Cheylenne frog suited up for the waves

 Frontside Normanual

 Mike can be super serious, for about 1/125th of a second actually

Our gracious hosts Shawn and Nathalie


 Campi DJed Friday night and played some real good dub step

 Johnny gets it started

 Smoke machine chocked out half the crowd

The bar got a working over Saturday night

 Gelled lights, smoke and metal hands means awesome

 The crowd startred getting wild

 During the hardcore songs there was a security guy posted up infront of the stage just to keep the gear from getting F'd.

 This is the moment before a fist fight erupted, have to love heavy music

 The mega irie reggae vibes soon soothed the crowd, 3 song encore

 Thanks Dirty Maq see you soon

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