Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 Winners at 2012 Contessa Hair Awards !

After the dust has settled the amazing stylists from Space Salon and Caramel Salon brought home 2 pieces of crystal ! Congratulations toWinners: Chrissy Allan - Student Apprentice of the Year and
Devon Plamondon - Newcomer of the Year. A huge congratulations to Alina Sulaiman Friesen for her 2 huge finalist nominations, Space Salon for a finalist nomination, and Salon Team for a finalist nomination and finally, congratulations to all the finalists and winners this evening, really looking forward to doing it again soon.

MUA: Jena Jacquot-Boisvenu

2012 Contessa Student/Apprentice of the Year Winner: Chrissy Allan from Space Salon, Vancouver
MUA: Jena Jacquot-Boisvenu

2012 Contessa Newcomer of the Year Winner: Devon Plamondon from Caramel Salon, Vancouver

 2012 Contessa Canadian Hairstylist of the Year and B.C. Hairstylist of the Year Finalist:
Alina Friesen MUA: Jena Jacquot-Boisvenu Clothing stylist and designer: Wendy Cook

Hair by Alina Friesen                                                                         Hair by Amber Turcotte            

Hair by Alina Friesen                                                                                                  Hair by Carly Schneider

                                                   Hair by Alina Friesen

2012 Contessa Salon Team of the Year Finalist: Alina Friesen, Carly Schneider and Amber Turcotte
MUA: Jena Jacquot-Boisvenu Accessories styling: Alina Friesen

All images copyright KaleJF Photography

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