Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Battle at Hastings Vancouver BC

Voici some images I took at The Battle of Hastings skateboarding competition in Vancouver BC at the legendary Hastings Skate park. The contest was put together by Kevin Kelly aka Stoke Radmore of Boulevard Skateshop on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, big high five to Kevin and all the sponsors for putting on an amazing event.

I'm still working on collecting the names of the participants so for now the shredders shall remain anonymous
(except for the one skater I recognized, I feel outta the loop)

                                           Rob Boyce

                                       It was huge ollies like this that gave this homeboy 1st place in the expert category

                                                        This little dude killed it on all his runs

                                                        Impeccable balance through this b-side smith grind

                                                        This was bigger and faster than it looks

                                        This little girl was fearlessly walking around the bowls selling candies, nom nom

                                                         Rob Boyce...hammer in the deep end

                                        Expert category winner nose manny to manny all the way around the deck to drop in

                                           C'est ouf! Must have been the feather in his cap

 Expert category winners with Kevin "Stoke Radmore" Kelly

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