Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free Life Center at Lifetime Collective

This last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting the two guys behind The Free Life Center
at the Lifetime headquarters, Mark Warren Jacques and Seth Neefus . Mark and Seth
made their 3rd stop in Vancouver on a West Coast tour where in each new location they
are putting together an art shack that houses Mark and Seth's art work but also serves as
an intimate space for a musical performance.

Reid Stewart of Lifetime Clothing/Collective hosted Mark and Seth's "art shack" on the roof top deck at Lifetime headquarters, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and a calm warm evening where Vancouver band Adelaide performed in open air in the "backyard" of Free Life Center shack, and Mark and Seth finished the evening off performing by candle light inside the art shack.

For more information on the Free Life Center visit

Here are some photos I took just after it was constructed the night before the show and some photos from the evening of.

 the shack

 Paintings Seth Neefus
 Paintings Seth Neefus and Mark Warren Jacques

 Mark on the Casio
 Seth on guitar

 Seth Mark and Reid

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