Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Street musician Paris France 2008

My father, the man that gave me love for music

 Roma singer RER B Paris France

Fete du quartier 10eme arrondissement Paris France

Avishai Cohen Trio at Le New Morning Paris France 2008

Bison BC The Biltmore Vancouver Canada 2009

Music I love you

The Walkmen Paris France 2008

Music has been the love of my life since as long as I can remember.
With many musicians such as my father in my life we learned how to
appreciate music and more importantly play music. My best memories
come from my first jam session with my father and brother in our basement.

I find the older I get the more I "feel" music, it evokes powerful vivid
memories and emotions in me, I find myself transported back to places and
times from the past, I'm convinced this is the closest I will ever come to
time travel.

Since I began taking photographs of bands a couple years ago I
feel like I've developed a renewed sense of wonder about music and the people
that perform it, to me taking photos at shows has become a new way to connect with other musicians and to see and listen anew.

The Constantines Vancouver Canada 2009

3 Inches of Blood Vancouver Canada 2009